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  • Size:
    • A5 (145 x 210 mm), 352 pages. (one day – one page)
  • Textile cover.
  • Lithuanian / English
  • Limited collection

Everyone who comes to Earth brings with him or her the potential, emotions and possibilities that help us to improve, to discover ourselves and to accept, in our own unique way, the challenges of life. The key is to put as much of your heart into work as you think would be enough for you to reach your goal. Faith creates a magical power for dreams to become reality, and the energy sent by the earth does not allow us to surrender before the right time comes. Start to believe that you are a human being full of goodness, sincerity, will and optimism. Your determination will be appreciated by others only when it will become your pleasure, so cultivate your personality with positive emotions, positive energy and motivation that will guide you forward.

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