Silk scarf LIFE AGATE



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  • 100% natural silk.
  • Size 130 x 30 cm.
  • With box.
  • Limited collection.

After soaking in the energy of the agate, that is mysterious and full of unearthly energy, we start to rapidly move towards our goals. It is the agate stone that helps one to stabilize emotions, discover one’s inner values, and apply them in everyday life in order to succeed. Agate strengthens the connection with nature and provides vital energy. Do not let yourself to be affected by dismal moments and take the failures as lessons because every day teaches us something. You just need to use your opportunities and take everything from them that would make your life more nearly complete.

The agate stone helps one to discover forgotten or hidden talents, encourages fearless pursuit of one’s goals. It is considered to be a symbol of a long, happy and rich life.

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